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TitanApps, NetID and TitanWeb Changes

We’re about halfway through migrating all students from TitanMail (Sun) to TitanApps (Google). We are on target to complete student accounts by July 12. Then July 16 we will start a three week process to migrate the remaining 80% of employee accounts. Expand this news item for account guidelines.


Here are some guidelines regarding TitanApps, NetID and TitanWeb:

1 - Username
Your username for TitanApps is your full email address -  Yes, it is a gmail account but it does NOT end in
Your username for NetID is shorter, no - account
Your username for TitanWeb is still W plus your Student/Empl ID number - W0123456

2 - Password
You may use the same password for all three logins, but remember each is a separate account on a separate system.  Changing one password does NOT change the others. 
Too many attempts with the wrong password will lock the account.  That is part of security to discourage hackers, but it can affect you too.

TitanWeb has a password hint.  Setting the password hint will allow you to use the Forgot Password link on the login page to have the system email you a temporary password.

NetID - if you have never logged in on a campus computer, go to and use your Titan ID number (no W) as your current password.

If any of these accounts lock or you give up guessing, please call the Help Desk at 920-424-3020, Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm.  For security reasons we cannot change a password based on an email request.

3 - What each is used for
TitanApps - email, calendar, contacts, chat, tasks, Google Drive
NetID - employee computer login, student computer lab login, D2L, TitanFiles, Library Databases, MyUWSystem, WISDM, Pharos, ImageNow, Camtasia, and anything that has the Wisconsin Federation Identity Provider and NetID in the login window. 
TitanWeb - register for classes, check grades, for instructors to enter grades or print class lists

If you have any other questions, please contact Academic Computing (920-424-3020 or