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Time Table for NetID Migration

As part of the move of email and calendar to Titan Apps, any campus services which currently use your email username and password will be changing to use the UW Oshkosh NetID. NetID is already being used for logging in to the Windows and Mac OS 10.7 desktop and laptop computers on campus.

The following is a partial list of systems which will be converting to NetID. Right now nothing has changed with these systems, but it will be changing during the summer.  Keep an eye on your email and the login screens for more information as to when the conversion for each system will take place.

  • Library database access (June 28-29)
  • Desire2Learn - D2L  (June 28-29)
  • My Wisconsin portal - student and employee time cards and pay (June 28-29)
  • Wireless (To be determined)
  • Plone web sites (Varies by Site)
  • Titan Files (Mid June)
  • WISDM (June 28-29)

MyUWOPortal/StarRez (To be determined)