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STUDENTS: Read this message

A message to students from the Director of Academic Computing

If you read nothing else, please read the information below on Campus Printing.

Student Technology Fee

Each student provides funding to help the University keep pace with technology, 2% of your tuition. A committee, primarily of students, meets annually to review proposals for use of these funds. All students and employees may submit proposals. The funds are used to provide basic printing service to all students. Funds are also used to improve wireless access across campus. To learn more about the Student Technology Fee you can check this web page - If you're interested in serving on this committee, please reply to this email.

Campus Printing

To support campus "green initiatives" and responsible use of resources, each student can print up to 1,000 sheets of paper per semester at no additional cost to the student. Each sheet has two sides or pages, so each student can print up to 2,000 pages per semester. This target was determined in consultation with student representatives to provide reasonable access to printing for academic purposes.

The monitoring system will let you know how many sheets you have used. If a student chooses to go over the limit, the amounts will be provided to Student Accounts at the end of the semester in order to invoice the student for the overage. During the pilot this summer 9 students out of over 1,200 who printed went over the summer target of 500 sheets. If a student chooses to print less, the balance does not carry forward to the next term. It will be used to fund other student technology initiatives.

For those new to campus, having your Titan ID card with you will make it easier to collect your print jobs. Printing is available in all five general access computer labs (, the residence halls, Advising, and several other student support offices.


Gmail is one of the most widely used email services around. It's fast, it's easy, it's mobile. Use the labels to categorize your email by course or semester or both. UW Oshkosh requires you to check your email at least daily since that is how your instructors, advisors, and the administration will communicate with you. Need help with your account? Start here - - and if that doesn't provide what you need, contact the campus Help Desk - 424-3020 or

And never email your password to ANYONE, even if they say they are UW Oshkosh IT. Real UW Oshkosh IT staff will NEVER ask for your password. We don't want to know it. NEVER.

Gmail Calendar

Use the calendar to list your class schedule (course no., instructor, classroom). You can also use it to list important assignments or tests, with reminders to keep you from procrastinating too long. Use it to schedule meetings for class projects or study groups. You can even use it to try scheduling a meeting with your instructor. Gmail has a ToDo feature you can check out, but if you're looking for deadline reminders, I'd recommend using the calendar.

Google Drive

Forget what you heard years ago: Google’s suite of online productivity apps is now powerful enough to handle most academic tasks, and if you’re assigned the dreaded group project, there is no better way to collaborate with others in real time. We've also added LucidChart to the suite to make it easier to draw charts and work flows.

Even better, Google’s main apps—Docs, Sheets, and Slides—now work offline if you install the Chrome Drive app and enable this capability from the settings. Unless you have some higher-level spreadsheet needs, Drive apps are an excellent (and free) alternative to Microsoft Office.

One word of caution, though. With great power comes great responsibility. Be careful how you share your files. Don't make them public...unless that's really what you want.

Thanks to the Student Technology Fee this service is available to ALL students! It includes almost everything you'd ever like to learn online. Need a refresher on Excel or Word? Want to learn more about any of Adobe's products? Want to explore coding or project management or leadership tips? has it all...and more. Check this web page to start exploring the possibilities -


Any questions or concerns? Please reply to me or give me a call at 424-2368.

Laura Knaapen

Director, Academic Computing

UW Oshkosh