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There is a spam e-mail being circulated on campus and it looks like this:


Dear Titan Mail User,

This is an emergency. While performing routine server maintenance, we noticed irregularities in your account profile and wish to confirm your account. This measure is made necessary to check unauthorized access of email accounts on all email servers. To confirm your account details, please follow the web link below:

Warning!!! If you do not update your account details within 48 hours after receipt of this email message, your account will be deactivated. We apologize for any inconveniences

Warning Code: HB2G99AAJUWOSH
©2011 WEB ADMIN. All rights reserved.


Please dont click on the link, this is spam and we now have the link blocked, so if you were to accidently click the link, you would get a message stating the link is blocked.

As a reminder, UW Oshkosh and Academic Computing don't want your passwords, or personal information ( Unless you call the help desk for password assistance). Spammers however do and they can do a lot of damage with this information, that is why they send e-mails like the one above. General rule of thumb is this; if you don't recognize the sender of the e-mail, don't respond and never ever give your personal information to anyone through e-mail. This includes the following:

Bank information

Social Security numbers

Birth Date

Personal Information