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Printing in the General Access Student Labs and Other Areas Using Pharos

Printing Limit Changes

(Email from Announcements Mailing List, sent Jan. 9, 2014)

Printing in the six general access student computer labs, the Library reference area, and other areas that utilize Pharos is a "free" student benefit, funded by the Student Technology Fee. This service is requested annually and has been approved each year by the Student Technology Fee Committee.

A student subcommittee of OSA is reviewing the current limits for students (10,000 pages per year) and employees (500 pages per year). We are encouraging smaller limits in order to reduce the campus carbon footprint. We are also working on ways to encourage the use of electronic tools to replace the need to print.

We understand there are times you may be working with a student in these areas and print something off for them. The recommendation we have made for the employee limit to begin the new fiscal year, July 1, 2014, is 50 pages per year.  There are currently less than 40 employees over that limit or at risk of going over that limit. The print usage and limits were discussed with ACUG (Academic Computer Users Group) and OSA last semester.

In the past the limits were set as "soft" limits that allowed people to go over the limit.  Tomorrow, January 9, 2014 we will be resetting employee print totals to 0.  We will also be setting a hard limit of 250 pages for employees from January 9, 2014 to June 30, 2014 (half the current limit for the half year). The only option to go beyond that limit is if you or your department pay for additional pages. We will be working on a process for those payments and all money collected will go back into the Student Technology Fee fund. We will do a similar process for student accounts before the start of the spring semester.

Laura Knaapen

Director, Academic Computing

UW Oshkosh