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Google Login and Default Browser

Google will request action by you

1. Google has announced that it will be changing the login process slightly. I'm not sure what they will classify as a "suspicious login" but if they detect one, they will ask for your phone number to verify that it is really you. To prepare for this, you will be prompted to provide your telephone number. The timing of these changes is not certain. You can read more below.

2. All new computer setups will list Chrome as the default browser. Nothing will change on your existing computer setup. We selected Chrome because of its connection with our email/calendar system, Google. If you are using D2L you may want to stick with Mozilla Firefox for now. If for whatever reason you still want Mozilla Firefox or Safari as your default, you can have it. The Help Desk can assist you with setting up Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your default browser and transferring your bookmarks as well.

We're taking this step to limit the use of Internet Explorer (IE) which will limit our risk of virus attacks and data loss. We do understand that some web applications, like ImageNow, still require IE. IE will still be there for you to use for those specific applications, but it will NOT be the default browser and is not recommended for general browsing.

Any questions or concerns, please let me know.



Laura Knaapen

Director, Academic Computing



Notification from Google

Google is dedicated to continuously improving the security of Google accounts. In the following weeks, we will be bringing a new feature designed to prevent hijacking of accounts to our Enterprise customers.

We plan to slowly roll out this feature for all domains over the coming weeks. It may take some time before users see this change. This launch will only affect web logins and will not affect users who have 2-step verification enabled or who login through SSO.

When we detect a suspicious login, users will be prompted to verify their identity by entering their phone number. Users who have not set up their phone number will see an interstitial to do so in the coming weeks. Google will use that phone number to verify their identity upon the next suspicious login. Once a user verifies their identity the alert is dismissed.

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