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FootPrints - The New Help Desk Tracking System

FootPrints has gone live today March 28, 2013

We now refer to the Help Desk as the UW Oshkosh Help Desk.  A Ticket is now called an Issue.  A Client (you) is now called a Contact.

After months of preparation, the new Help Desk issue tracking system (FootPrints) is now up and running.  All current tickets in the old tracking system (Magic Service Desk) will be recreated in the new system and email notifications will be sent to each contact of those tickets.  You should only notice a few changes to your Help Desk experience.

Changes you will notice:

          1)  the Help Desk email address has changed to  (the old address will continue to forward incoming emails to the new address, but will soon be disabled)

          2)  the email notifications that you receive will look different

          3)  when you call by phone, you may notice that there may be additional questions asked than from previous experiences.


NOTE:  before contacting the Help Desk, please try to gather related information regarding your issue (are others having the same problem, what have you tried to do to fix the issue, equipment model and name, etc.).  Having such information before hand can speed up the Issue creation process.


Some of the benefits you will experience:

          1)  You will now receive updates when changes occur to your Issue status.  Some examples of Status are:  In Progress-means IT staff have been assigned to your Issue; Resolved-means the work is completed and you have a 5 day review period to verify that the work is completed before the Issue is closed; Pending-means your Issue is on hold until an event occurs or an action is taken (additional information is provided, an ordered part arrives, waiting for a scheduled appointment, etc.)

          2)  Once you have received an email notification, you should Reply to that email for any email correspondence regarding that particular Issue.  Instructions on how to do so are included in tne email notification sent to you.  By following this process, all communication will be stored with that Issue instead of being stored in a separate location.  When you receive additional emails regardinging the Issue, check the Issue Notes area of the email for updates or requested information.


NOTE:  The email address that is used with FootPrints notifications should not be used for any other types of correspondence.  No one is monitoring that email address and FootPrints will ignore any emails that are not a Reply to a FootPrints' email notification.  Please use for such correspondence.


If you have any questions, please contact the UW Oshkosh Help Desk by calling (920) 424-3020, stopping by at Dempsey Hall 207, or emailing  Thank you