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Desire 2 Learn (D2L) Upgrade Complete

The upgrade to Desire 2 Learn Version 10 is complete. Please feel free to login to D2L and explore the new features and interface.

The new page design is one of the biggest changes occurring with this upgrade, we have moved from a three-panel page to a two-panel page; the result is a cleaner and easier to navigate interface.  In addition to the new look and feel of D2L several new features have also been added they include:

  • New Login Credentials: The move to TitanApps has required us to update login credentials.  Although usernames will remain the same, passwords will be changing.  NetIDs will now be used to login to D2L, for additional information on NetIDs,
  • The Minibar: The minibar is a toolbar that appears at the top of every D2L page.  In addition to "My Home" and Logout links, it also holds the new course selector and alert icons.
  • New Notification Options: You will now be able to receive email notification when grades are released or updated, or when a quiz end date is 1 day away.
  • Redesigned Course Navigation Bars: In order to meet new display parameters, Classlist and Quizzes will be available under a "Other Tools" dropdown in the course navigation.
  • Bookmarks and Calendar: Although these features were available in previous versions of D2L, they have been given more prominent and accessible postions in the new version.

We hope you enjoy the new features and functionalities included in this new version of D2L.