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D2L Outage and Upgrade Informatio​n

This is a reminder that D2L will be unavailable from 10:00 PM on June 28th to 10:00 AM on June 29th. During this time, D2L will be upgraded to the most recent version (v.10).

The upgrade to version 10 includes many new features that will improve both usability and functionality.  Although the changes are significant, we will be making every effort to keep the faculty, staff and students informed of changes so that the transition will be as smooth as possible.

The biggest change will be to the user interface.  In order to improve the user's viewing experience, D2L will be moving to a 960-pixel fixed width page.  Although this change will not greatly effect the overall viewing experience, it is requiring us to make some changes to the structure of the D2L home pages.  In other words, we may need to rearrange some of the widgets on the page to accommodate the new page width.  Once again, although this change is substantial, we are confident it will result in a better experience for all D2L users.

In addition to the page width changes, D2L has added the minibar to the top of every page.  The minibar will include links (such as My Home, Logout, Preferences etc) that traditionally were incorporated into the navigation and various widgets.  In v. 10 they are consolidated in one central location, the result is a page that is both cleaner and easier to navigate.

The theme of cleaner and easier is carried into other areas of D2L as well.  In previous versions, there were buttons, icons, and links in different areas of the page (left panel, top of the page, icons next to individual items, etc) that were used for adding and organizing content and other items.  In v.10  these commands are grouped in easy dropdown menus at the top of the page.  Once again, the overall functionality has not changed, the commands are just located in a slightly different place.