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D2L News & Announcements for Fall 2014

D2L was upgraded to version 10.3 in June.

Upgrade to D2L Ver 10.3

D2L was upgraded to version 10.3 in June.  Although some of you may be aware of the changes, some of your students may have not accessed D2L since May.  If you would like to review the changes made in this version.  Please see our 10.3 Video Features Guide.



New Integrations



Over the summer we integrated three new applications with D2L.  You (and your students) will now be able to access McGraw-Hill Connect, Pearsons MyLabs, and TurningPoint Student Response System (clickers) via D2L. If you are interested in integrating any of these new technologies into your Fall courses, please email Sarah Bradway at



Course Availability



D2L Courses are available to students one week prior to the first day of the semester.  For the Fall 2014 semester, the opening date for D2L courses is August 27th.  If you want to change this date and have your course open earlier or later, please follow the instructions on the Course Availability FAQ.



Course Combining



If you have a cross-listed or multi-sectioned course, the two separate sites can be combined into one site.  Combining course sections allows you to have all of your students and course materials in one convenient location.  If interested, please complete the request form available on our FAQ Page.




Thank you.

Sarah Bradway

D2L Site Administrator