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Computer Security Change

Protecting the campus against Crypto-Locker

Academic Computing has been working on a solution to the not-so-new-now virus (Crypto-Locker) that encrypts your hard drive and then contacts you to pay ransom to un-encrypt the data. Luckily we have not been hit by this virus on campus so far, but others in UW System and the area have.

This message is to inform you of a campus-wide change on or after, 9am, Wednesday, 7/16/2014.

We will be setting a policy on all campus Windows computers that will block the ability to run a program in the particular folder that this virus normally attacks. We have tested this policy on ourselves and on a few departments in Dempsey to ensure it would not disrupt end-user work.

When a block occurs a message will be presented on the screen, notifying the user that..

"This program is blocked by group policy, please contact your system administrator".

Please translate "System Administrator" as the Help Desk or your unit IT support person. There will be a corresponding log event entered on the computer, so that technicians can check to verify if it is the virus or something that can be allowed.

If the application was blocked in error, our technical staff will work with you to provide a solution that will not block you from doing your work. Those solutions may include:

  • Temporarily remove the restrictions to allow installation to be completed.
  • Create an exception for the specific executable.
  • Add your computer permanently to a security group that avoids the block.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.



Laura Knaapen

Director, Academic Computing