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Computer Login Job Accounts will expire at the end of 2012

Job accounts, whose assigned supervisors did not request an extension, will be disabled at the end of this year

Email sent to Job Account Supervisors:


Back on July 31, 2012 you received a message stating that the Job Account(s) you supervise were going to expire on August 31.  At that time you were asked to contact the Academic Computing Help Desk and indicate if you were still using the Job Account(s) and, if so, request an extension for the coming academic year.

You are receiving this message because you did not contact Academic Computing at that time.

Because that date happened to fall on the weekend prior to the fall semester starting, Academic Computing made the decision to postpone the expiration of Job Accounts until December 31.

This message is your reminder to contact the Help Desk at 424-3020 and request an extension for any Job Account(s) you may be listed as the supervisor of.

You may have changed jobs in the past year and are no longer the supervisor of any Job Account.  Academic Computing has no way of knowing of the change so please contact the area you used to work in, if you used Job Accounts, so they will be able to renew the account(s) for the coming calendar year.

If you do not contact the Academic Computing Help Desk at 424-3020 by Friday, December 28, 2012, your Job Account(s) will expire and your student employee(s) will not be able to login when they return to work on January 2, 2013 or beyond.

Job Accounts are set to expire annually to prevent unnecessary login credentials from remaining indefinitely.  Your cooperation in keeping the number of accounts needed to a minimum is required.

Thank you for your support,

Daniel M. Hoyt

Microsoft Server Administrator