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Classroom Clickers (also known as student response system)

If you have plans for using a student response system, more commonly known as clickers, and have not included this in your bookstore order for interim or second semester, please do so immediately.

UW Oshkosh has been standardized on the eInstruction system ( since 2006.  The eInstruction system requires a fee for each user each semester (waived after a user has registered for three semesters).  We have to order activation codes in advance, which are paid for by Student Technology Fee, which we distribute to you to hand out in class. I get the number of activation codes to order from your bookstore order.

 The bookstore also needs to have sufficient clicker units for your students to purchase fo they don't already have one. ($ 20.05 for a used clicker, or if they run out of used ones, $26.75 for a new unit.  The bookstore does buy back clickers on the same basis as textbooks.)

 If you are a new user of the system, please also get in touch with me for an orientation to the system and to arrange for a receiver unit which you take into the class.  The software is installed on all classroom computers.

 Incidentally, for smaller classes, Polleverywhere is a web based system that uses the students' existing cell phone text messaging or web device of any kind to respond.  It's free for up to 40 respondents and for larger classes, much less expensive than clickers .  See  Give me a call if you're interested in that option.

Call me if you have any questions.


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