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Campus Lab Software Requests

Please Respond by May 28

The following email notice was sent to Deans, Department Chairs on May 2, and Instructors earlier this week, since they are the primary users of the GCA Teaching Labs.  However, we realize other units do need and use the labs, so now it is your turn.  Please coordinate with your unit so we only get one response per department/unit. Thank you.

Laura Knaapen - Director of Academic Computing


Academic Computing is looking for feedback on the configuration of the General Computer Access (GCA) lab computers to best suit our teaching needs and to foster the learning for our students.  Each year, we ask you to review the list of application software we provide in the GCA labs.  You can find the current list online at this link.

Please share this information with your new and current faculty and instructional staff so they can provide feedback on what software is still needed.  If there is software that you no longer need, we would appreciate hearing from you to remove the software and reduce the large number of applications we are attempting to provide.

Please keep in mind that discipline-specific software that is not requested to continue or be upgraded in the labs will be removed. It is important that you and your faculty/staff review your software needs for the GCA Labs for Fall 2014 AND Spring 2015 and complete the Lab and Classroom Software Request Form by Wednesday May 28st, 2013.

Academic Computing is requiring that all software requests be submitted as soon as possible to cut down on maintenance times during the semester.  The software requests will be tested and a final list will be sent out by Monday June 23st, 2014.  Late requests will be added to the labs during the next available break period.

Academic Computing asks that you do not assume that your software will be included because it has in previous years.  We also ask that you provide your requests for both Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.

If you have any questions or are having difficulty with the Google Form, please feel free to contact me, Laura Knaapen at x2368 or by email (