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Account Deactivations Occurring This Week

Notices for these deactivation's were sent during the week of March 24.

This week Academic Computing will be deactivating accounts which are tagged as faculty, staff, or student and are not in any of the data files provided to Academic Computing from Peoplesoft extracts. This process is done 3 times a year to clear out accounts for past employees, graduates, and dropped out students. This batch will include Fall 2013 graduates as well as faculty and staff accounts. There are 4034 accounts pending deactivation.

You may have received one of four messages:

1. If you are faculty or staff and are notified that you aren't listed as current employees, contact HR if you believe this is incorrect. HR should verify that you have a current appointment in local Peoplesoft. Allowable exceptions (contact the Help Desk to have a ticket created) are if you only work 1 semester a year or if the you have retired and wish to retain your account. If you are a CAPP faculty, you should already be in the exceptions but may come up if you weren't on the list provided by HR. If you left for a different job (not retired) or were terminated, you are not eligible for any extension.

2. If you are a recently graduated student (Fall 2013), you may ask for an extension which will allow access to your account for an additional 6 months. The Help Desk can grant this exception immediately.

3. If you are a past graduated student (Prior to Fall 2013), you may have had an exception already and are no longer eligible for more.

4. If you are a student with no graduation record, you are not eligible for any extension with few exceptions: Military leave, and academic leave of absence. If you are taking "a semester off", you are required to re-apply and you are not eligible for email until they reapply.

In all cases for students, if you believe the deactivation is in error, you are advised to first contact your adviser to verify your academic records are correct. You must be currently enrolled or eligible to enroll for the current for following semester.

A reminder that there is no process to copy mail to an Alumni account or between accounts. If you wish to archive mail, you will need to set up a client and copy messages to local folders.