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A Request for Patience

A message from the Director of Academic Computing regarding technology work requests.

With the number of offices moving this summer and complications with our usual classroom and computer lab refresh, Academic Computing is a little short-handed and behind schedule right now. I apologize for my lack of foresight leading to this situation. We seem to have fewer student workers available to us this summer and have needed more staff involved in the moves and lab refresh than last year.

It's been a year or two since I've had to provide this information and request your patience and understanding.


There are 134 jobs actively being worked on by our Device Support staff and students.

There are 41 open requests that we have not been able to get to yet.

We are probably one week behind where we'd like to be in responding to your needs.


If your request does NOT need to be done by the start of the semester, please let us know, so we can focus on the requests that do.


If your request DOES need to be done by the start of the semester, we will do our best to make that happen. Classrooms and computer labs are our first priority. Setups of new computers for new employees who don't have anything to work on and repairs of computers that don't work are next on our list. My apologies that all other requests may have to wait.


Laura Knaapen
Director, Academic Computing
UW Oshkosh
920-424 2368