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Hardware Standards

Minimum standards for campus computers (existing and new purchases) as well as guidelines on other hardware purchases. Revised 4/15/15

New Purchases

Existing Computers


Mobile Devices




Other Peripherals

Hardware Standards

Revised: 4/15/15

Commercial grade HP and Apple computers are supported on the UW Oshkosh campus.

Commercial grade HP LaserJet printers are supported on the UW Oshkosh campus.


“Supported” means that IT staff will install, maintain, and attach this equipment to the campus network. Academic Computing is an authorized repair center for both HP and Apple computers. There is no charge for support labor as long as the equipment meets campus standards. There will be no charge for support parts for up to 2 years beyond the purchased warranty as long as the cost is not more than half the price of a replacement computer or printer and the repair is not from accidental user damage.


”Consumer grade” computers and printers will not be supported.  While they may be cheaper to purchase, they have a higher total cost of ownership (higher maintenance costs, lower life cycle). With the exception of computers attached to specialized (usually scientific) equipment, if non-standard computers are purchased, the unit to which the computer is assigned will be charged for parts and labor (at a rate of $25 per 1/2hr) when work is requested.


Quotes for all campus computers, printers and monitors are provided by IT. All quotes provided by IT for standard computers, printers, and monitors will meet at least Bronze-level registration under the Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). Preference will be given for electronic products that have achieved EPEAT Silver or Gold registration. For more information on EPEAT and its criteria, please check



When a computer or printer outside of the campus support standards break, it needs to be replaced rather than repaired. You can request a quote for a computer or printer by contacting the Help Desk, or 424-3020.


New Purchases:

Minimum of 8gb RAM and 3 year warranty

For current supported models follow the links below.



Existing Machines:

Windows Desktop

Two years beyond the original warranty

(HP dc8100 or above)


Windows Laptop

Two years beyond the original warranty

minimum 802.11n wireless adapter


Macintosh Desktop or Laptop

Mavericks standards - look at the Apple list of expiring models

*** If the product is on vintage or obsolete list then the product will no longer be able to be supported ***


Make sure the computer is certified to run the version of Linux you are using, especially the video card.

Mobile Devices:

iOS and Android OS devices can be configured to access email.

At this point in time technical support beyond general troubleshooting and email connection must come from the vendor.  This is especially true for non-campus-owned devices.


A minimum of 19” LED backlit is preferred. HP monitors generally come with a three-year warranty standard. Campus support does not include repair of monitors. The only recourse is replacement at the department’s cost.

If you require or prefer a dual monitor configuration please contact Academic Computing for assistance regarding configuration and what to order to make that happen.


Supported Existing Printers

HP LaserJet 4000 and above will be supported as long as parts are available. Considering total cost of ownership and the campus focus on green initiatives, inkjet printers are NOT supported.

New Printer Purchases

For the most up-to-date model information please see the Printers for UWO web page.

Considering total cost of ownership and the campus focus on green initiatives, inkjet printers are NOT supported. HP LaserJet printers are supported and network printers are encouraged. A three-year warranty is also encouraged.

Other Peripherals:

Video Projectors - Please check State Contracts and consult with classroom technology staff.

Other Peripherals or Computer Parts - Please contact the Academic Computing Help Desk for assistance. State Contract #15-20400-505: