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ACUG Members

Membership is chosen to demonstrate broad campus representation. Each professional college selects 2 representatives. The College of Letters and Sciences selects 4. In addition each governance group selects representatives. And, finally, there are IT ex officio appointments.

ACUG Members 2013-2014:


College of Business Administration

  • Andy Miller (Management/Human Resources)
  • Jakob Iversen (Management Information Systems)

College of Education & Human Services

  • Tom Fischer (Special Education)
  • Nari Kim (Human Services & Professional Leadership)

College of Letters and Science

  • David Furcy (Computer Science)
  • Rick DCamp (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
  • George Gueorguiev (Computer Science)
  • Brant Kedrowski (Chemistry)

College of Nursing

  • Mike Parks
  • Patricia Treleven

Faculty Senate

  • Lisa Dorn (Biology & Microbiology)
  • Yoshiro Hanai (DFLL)

Senate of Academic Staff

  • Jim Stevens (Center for New Learning)

Classified Staff Council

  • Julie Wilkinson (Registrar’s Office)

Oshkosh Student Association

  • No appointment made

Information Technology

  • Laura Knaapen (Academic Computing)
  • Nick Dvoracek (CIO and Learning Technologies)
  • Mark Clements (Administrative Computing & Networking)
  • Maccabee Levine (Polk Library)
  • Victor Alatorre (MIO)