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CUWC Final Report

The Growth Agenda for Wisconsin is the University of Wisconsin System’s long-term strategic plan to strengthen Wisconsin by increasing the number of baccalaureate degree holders and well-paying jobs in Wisconsin communities. Created after a strategic planning process in 2007, the Growth Agenda has three core principles: to grow people, jobs, and communities. Since the Growth Agenda’s inception, and despite a struggling economy, enrollment at UW institutions reached an all-time high in the fall of 2009 with nearly 179,000 students. In 2010, the Growth Agenda will include more specific increases in graduation targets that should propel Wisconsin to be a national leader in its number of degree holders per capita. The University System’s ability to deliver these goals is dependent on a variety of funding mechanisms. It is also dependent on having a high quality faculty, academic staff, and academic and administrative leaders (limited appointees). Federal and state funding, tuition, and continuing improvements in cost efficiency are all necessary for the System to optimize its operations. Competitive compensation and benefits are also required in order to recruit and retain a top-notch University System workforce. The ability of the UW System to deliver on the Growth Agenda requires that a reasonable match be found between quality of programs and services and the compensation of those who create and deliver them.

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