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The Intranet Development Project Task Force's mission

A collaborative management structure that provides oversight for the Intranet Development Project (IDP) and advice to the Project Director.

Intranet Task Force Documents:

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About the Task Force

Authorizing Authority: Provost and Vice Chancellor Lane Earns

Date Established: May 13, 2011


  • Make internal University information and services easier to locate and efficient to use.
  • Develop general standards for intranet development and provide a forum for information sharing among intranet developers.
  • Conduct an evaluation of the project so further decisions about intranet development can be based on direct experience.


  • Make decisions regarding work flow processes that will be part of the project and information that should be on the intranet homepage.
  • Build awareness of and champion/evangelize for the intranet.
  • Coordinate, support, track implementation of the intranet and actively seek feedback for appropriate campus constituencies.


The IDP begins when IT hires a programmer to work for the IDP Project Director. Funding for this project appointment position is approved for two years (approximately June 2011 - May 2013).

  • An internal home page for the use of current faculty, staff, and students.
  • Intranet Developers Network established.
  • At least two pilot services that will provide new online resources for and improve the work lives of faculty, staff and students. (These pilot services will inform the university about key issues to resolve and assist in creating standards for all intranets on campus. It is important that these pilot projects be coordinated with other campus projects such as the Lean Initiative)
  • Training of content creators so they can more easily place important services and information on the intranet.
  • An interim status report about the IDP’s first-year progress in June 2012.
  • An evaluation report on the IDP to the University Administration in January 2013 so a decision can be made on further funding for internally focused web development beyond May 2013.



  • UW Oshkosh Academic Colleges, administrative offices, and support units on campus
  • Units needing to make information easier to locate and use, improve workflow, or limit access to some web content

Executive sponsors: 

  • The Enterprise Executive Committee (EEC)

Task Force Chair: 

  • Patrick Wilkinson, Polk Library

Task Force Membership:

Members need to be individuals willing and able to devote time to this activity. Member characteristics needed include ability to work collaboratively and resolve conflict; technical expertise and/or knowledge regarding needs of campus users (creators and consumers of online content or services); willingness to listen to campus community and objectively analyze input.

Sarah Bradway Information Technology
Victor Alatorre Residence Life Management Information Office
Tim Danielson Human Resources
Jonathan Gutow Faculty
Jakob Iversen Faculty
Patrick Wilkinson Polk Library
Joel Herron Integrated Marketing and Communications
Deborah Matulle At-Large (IT Lean Group, Administrative Services)
Greg Wypiszynski At-Large (Graduate Studies)
T. Kim Nguyen Project Director, ex officio (Administrative Computing)

Decision-Making Process

The IDP will select pilot services to deliver to the campus community using the following principles. These pilot services will:

  • Solve real problems for faculty, staff, and students
  • Deliver benefits to a broad cross section of people from multiple constituent groups on campus
  • Rely on existing web services for accurate data (leveraging the investment in existing services and allowing integration with new services)
  • Reduce manual work and the necessity to re-key information 
  • Stress interoperability of systems 
  • Improve the sustainability of campus


The Project Task Force reports to the Enterprise Executive Committee (EEC). The Project Director reports directly to the CIO.

High Level Milestones and Timeline

  • May 15: IDP Task Force appointed by the EEC
  • Mid-June: Intranet Web Developer starts 
  • July: Task Force has its first meeting 
  • August/September: Initial report to EEC
  • September: Initial version of internal web page released 
  • October: Intranet project/s selected for trial 
  • March 2012: First pilot service ready for testing 
  • June 2012: Interim status report to EEC
  • January 2013: Evaluation of IDP to EEC


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