Senate of Academic Staff

Welcome to the Senate of Academic Staff

Who We Are

Academic staff at UW Oshkosh work as instructors, lecturers, department directors, academic advisors, counselors, program managers, writers and editors, student counselors, and student program coordinators and many others. They are employed in all four colleges of the university and in administrative areas including Administrative Services, Admissions, Continuing Education/Extension, Counseling Center, Dean of Students, Foundation/Development, Registration, Residence Life, University Relations and elsewhere.


Our current Senate:

These individuals represent you in conversations, meetings, sessions, and decisions affecting our work environment.  Feel free to contact them as needed to share your ideas, suggestions. or concerns.

IAS - Instructional Academic Staff

PAS - Professional/Administrative Staff


Executive Committee (and Senators)

Lisa Szromba,, Undergraduate Advising and Resource Center, x3341  (President - PAS)

Richard Marshall,, Career Services, x1430 (President-Elect - PAS)

Michael Watkins,, Polk Library, x7305 (Vice President - PAS)

Matt Suwalskil,, Reeve Union, x2079 (Member-at-Large - PAS)

Greg Wypiszynski,, Graduate Studies, x0007 (Member-at-Large - PAS)

Lisa Szromba,, Undegraduate Advising and Resource Center, x3341 (Representative to UWS Academic Staff Reps Council - PAS)



Courtney Bauder,, Interdisciplinary Studies, x0928 (Senator - IAS)

Domenic Bruni,, English, x2265 (Senator - IAS)

Crystal Buss,, Polk Library, x7315 (Senator -  PAS)

David Gilboa,, Philosophy, x1293 (Senator - IAS)

Bunny Hansen,, Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement, x1139 (Senator - PAS)

Debra Harris,, Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement, x1737 (Senator - PAS)

Maccabee Levine,, Polk Library, x7332 (Senator - PAS)

MaryBeth Petesch,, COEHS, x3323 (Senator - PAS)

Mary Seaman,, Biology, x7085 (Senator IAS)                                   

Julie Zuleger,, Kinesiology, x3197 (Senator - IAS)

Kim Calvert,, Kinesiology, x3227 (Senator -IAS)


2014-2015 Senate Meetings, Dempsey 212 - 3 pm

Sept  11 & 25
October 9 & 23
November 6 & 20
December 11
January 15
February 12 & 26
March 12
April 2 & 16
May 7


What We Do

The Senate of Academic Staff shall 

(1) supervise and conduct the election of members to this Senate; 

(2) elect its own officers; 

(3) schedule and conduct its own meetings; 

(4) form and revise its own bylaws and rules of proceedings; 

(5) advise the Chancellor on matters pertaining to the UW System Unclassified Personnel Guidelines No. 7 which deals with designating positions as "academic staff;" 

(6) advise the Chancellor on policies and procedures for the academic staff adopted pursuant to UW System 9-14, and prepare and propose for the Chancellor's approval needed changes in the policies and procedures; 

(7) serve as a hearing body (see GOV 4.3.B); and 

(8) perform such other tasks as it deems appropriate to its status as an active participant in the immediate governance of, and policy development for, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, subject to the responsibilities and powers of the Chancellor, the faculty and the students.


Office Support ~ April Dutscheck

Senate Office
Dempsey 205

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