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Multicultural Education Center

Multicultural contributions are a valuable part of society.

A unique place on campus, the Multicultural Education Center (MEC), has evolved into a multipurpose resource center that seeks to bring people together to promote and celebrate diversity on campus, in the greater Oshkosh area and extended communities. MEC sponsors enrichment programs and activities designed to increase the level of understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity throughout the community.

MEC also serves as a resource and information center for students, staff, faculty and community members interested in improving cross-cultural human relations and understanding cultural differences. MEC continues to serve as the "embassy" for all multicultural and international students on campus. To many multicultural and international students, MEC provides a "home away from home" atmosphere.

The MEC Houses the Following Student Organizations:


Programs and Services Available at MEC

The Norma Shanebrook Multicultural Library is a resource for the University and the Oshkosh community. The collection includes books, periodicals, pamphlets and other documents which focus on various cultural groups, their interrelationships and their relationships with European American cultures.

Works in the collection include issues of multiculturalism, diversity, cross-cultural history, racism, socialization processes and education in American society.

The Microcomputer Tutorial Laboratory serves as a resource to the mathematics and writing tutorial programs.

The Mathematics Skills Tutorial Program offers individual and small group tutorials to help students improve their mathematical skills.

The Student Study Lounge provides a relaxing and quite atmosphere.

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