YES Notes 11/07/07

  • I. Free Toppers Sticks
  • II. OSA Update by Aaron
  • III. Volunteer ideas by Sarah
    • a. E-mail her at with any volunteer ideas or if you would like to be updated on what activities the club will be participating in
  • IV. T-Shirt Sales
    • a. 10am-5pm in Reeve everyday for the rest of the semester, except Thanksgiving week
      • i. 1 for $10 or 2 for $15
    • b. When selling, make sure you are friendly and tell students about the club
    • c. We need more people to sign up to sell
      • i. If you do sign up make sure that you can be there!
    • d. Our goal is to have all the t-shirts sold by the end of the semester
    • e. Selling ideas
      • i. Have people sell them individually
      • ii. Send out a mass e-mail
      • iii. Put a picture and a link on the website (Checking into this)
      • iv. Deliver shirts
      • v. Put some of the T-shirt money into a separate account so that we can help members finance their trip to the Chicago conference next year
      • vi. The top seller will get their club dues back at the end of the semester
  • V. If you have any ideas for speakers contact Rick at
  • VI. If you havenít paid your dues yet try to get them to Nick ASAP
  • VII. December 5th is the end of the semester social
    • a. We would like everyone to wear a club t-shirt
      • i. They are $10

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