YES Notes 10/03/07

  • Nick A. Jensen from Edward Jones came as a guest speaker:
  • He received his MBA and has been with Edward Jones for 18 years now
  • Runs his own investment firm
  • Very entrepreneurial because he built his own customer base
  • Went door-to-door for 8 months having 25-30 contacts a day
  • Hires his own staff, has his own office, no boss, 100% commission, no ceiling on income
  • Doesn't have to worry about downsizes
  • Travels a lot, controls his own time
  • There is lots of pressure from his family, employees, customers, charities, etc… to be successful which keeps him pushing forward
  • They are all relying on him
  • When you go into business you need to have the correct expectations/know what you are getting into.
  • Ask others in the field how they were successful
  • Do a business plan
  • Copy what others do who were successful
  • Don't try to be all things to all people
  • You also have to understand yourself and what you want out of your business
  • Be the person that you are in what you do
  • Your heart and passion has to be in it
  • He says the most rewarding part of his business is knowing that people trust him
  • Tips for college age students:
  • Avoid credit card debt
  • Invest in your future
  • Don't look at what everyone else is doing
  • Next meeting is in two weeks, October 17th and Jeff Kemp will be speaking on investment tips!

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