YES Notes 9/19/07

  • I. Introduced the club and the officers
  • II. Asked potential members to introduce themselves
  • III. Ice Breaker: two truths and a lie
  • IV. Upcoming events and speakers
    • a. Chicago Trip: Alex talked about the event
    • b. Polar Plunge
    • c. Community Service project(s)
    • d. Speakers
      • i. Man from Edward Jones speaking at the next meeting
      • ii. Jeff Kemp
    • e. Asked members for ideas on speakers
      • i. Strausee Properties
      • ii. New Moon
      • iii. Bergstrom
  • V. Asked members if anyone would be interested in becoming our new OSA Rep
    • a. Aaron Johnson accepted the position
  • Next meeting will be on October 3rd at 6:00 in Clow 227. A representative of Edward Jones will be coming to speak to the club.

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