The main focus of the Young Entrepreneurs Society is to broaden peoples' perspectives enough to see what the business and entrepreneurial world is really all about. To do this, YES brings in speakers from both large and small businesses, organizes fundraisers, participates in the CEO conference, completes market research for small to medium size businesses and large corporations, and facilitates the writing of business plans.

YES is also focused on developing students professional and interpersonal skills, along with the entrepreneurial mindset that will help give them the competitive edge needed in today's marketplace.

YES is one of the newest business clubs on campus. This means we are open to change and listen to every member's input.

YES also values networking. Through our growing friendships with the business community, members are able develop strong relationships that will help them long after graduation.

Joining YES is easy. Please just come to our next scheduled meeting or contact our club president (Rick Gramoll at

So stop by and check us out sometime; there is no obligation.

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