YES Business Start-up Criteria

1) Start-up costs (Less than $1300 - no loan)
2) Feasibility
3) Profitability
4) Minimum level of involvement (Number of people and hours)
5) Marketability
6) Time frame
7) Campus acceptance
8) Promotability

9) Educational

*Please think about these Criteria when brainstorming possible business ideas for YES.

Mobile Document Shredder - for companies that want to outsource document disposal

Online Marketplace (local version of EBAY) - geared at the college campus, especially resolving textbook issues

Oxygen Bar - geared at Oshkosh, Appleton area; for people that want to reap the benefits of breathing cleaner, healthier air (higher concentration of oxygen causing a natural - and very safe and legal - high due to the body's reaction to purer air)

Hookah Bar - geared at the university students and of age high school students; a good place to come for people who want to relax with their friends and smoke flavored tobacco

Indoor/Outdoor Adult Playground - geared at adults who want to bring out their inner child and play around on inflatable/velcro equipment

Got a business idea? Let us know! Your idea could be the next craze, or you might spark someone else's idea. Don't be afraid to give your input!

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