In the fall of 1996, two juniors were discussing the numerous business clubs offered at UW Oshkosh. Rick Stratz and Brian Kleczewski felt these clubs were not meeting the specific needs of entrepreneurial-minded students. They wanted to create a club that would encourage the development of entrepreneurs and business students, provide an open environment for members to share their thoughts and ideas, and provide a great environment for networking and building relationships with other business students.

Rick and Brian knew they could not accomplish this on their own. So with the guidance of Dr. Tower and a core group of ten students they began discussing ideas and putting together this new business club.

In the spring of 1997, the club was officially recognized on campus and in the College of Business Administration. On March 11, 1997, the first executive board was voted into office as follows:

President: Brian Kleczewski
Vice President: Rick Stratz
Treasurer: Jennifer Peters
OSA Representative: Amy Woelfel
Secretary: Carrie Anderson

Dues were voted on by all members. The amount was set for $20 per semester and $15 for the second semester (if paid up front). The club had a very successful semester and in the fall of 1997 had 20 active members.

The Young Entrepreneurs Society meets a need that is not currently being met in other business clubs. This club is member driven and the members really do have a say in what happens throughout the year.

The founders of YES have graduated but it continues to be successful; forming into one of the best clubs on the UW Oshkosh campus.

Submitted by:
Carrie Anderson
1998 YES Club President

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