Dr. Tower

Dr. Tower is the advisor of the Young Entrepreneurs Society. He helped the group get started, and has watched YES Club progress. Every semester at YES, Dr. Tower explains in detail the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Emphasis in the College of Business Administration, which many entrepreneurs and business majors opt to include in their curriculum.

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Emphasis

While the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (ESBM) emphasis offered by the College of Business Administration is not meant for all students who participate in YES, many YES members have found the emphasis, or specific courses in the emphasis, to be supportive of their involvement in YES activities.

The ESBM emphasis is specifically intended for students who believe they might want to start their own business at some time in the future or who anticipate working in a small business for some portion of their careers. The program has also been found to be useful for students who are entrepreneurial in nature and want to have a positive impact with their roles in larger or growing organizations

The emphasis itself requires a total of nine credits that include two specifically required courses, and one additional three credit elective course selected from a number of functional business courses. The required courses are Entrepreneurship (28 383) and Managing the Small Growing Business (28 485), either of which might prove beneficial as an elective for students not wanting the whole emphasis. The Entrepreneurship class provides an overview of the whole entrepreneurial process from idea generation to harvesting the business. The development of a business plan is a major part of the course. The Managing the Small Growing Business class focuses on the day-to-day aspects of running a small business and on the development of strategies to growing a company over time.

For more information regarding the emphasis, please contact Dr. C. Burk Tower at (920) 424-0351 or

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