Welcome to the UWO Young Entrepreneurs Society website! We are a campus organization that facilitates and encourages the development of entrepreneurs and business students. We provide an open environment for members to share their thoughts and ideas, along with opportunities for networking and getting to know other business students. If these are things that you are looking for, the Young Entrepreneurs Society is for you!

The Young Entrepreneurs Society has made many accomplishments since it was founded. Several years ago, we did market research for the Carmex Corporation. We have also participated in a mentor program, in which members were introduced to successful business people to learn more about what they do. As a member, you are invited to attend the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization National Conference. This is a great opportunity to network and learn what it takes to excel in your particular field. We also invite many speakers from around the community to speak about their experiences in the real world. Every year we hold fundraisers to help raise money for special trips. We are also involved in the community, volunteering to help many different people and organizations. The Young Entrepreneurs Society is not all work; we also have socials throughout the year to relax and enjoy the lighter side of life.

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