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Reimbursement Forms

Forms to complete for reimbursement
Cash Advance Form
When a student club/org needs temporary cash for an event they may request the cash using the cash advance request form. After the event the department must provide the cash back or/and receipts for the purchases made.
Direct Payment Request Form
Use the Direct Payment Request (DPR) form to make payments to individual non-employees (vendors) or (students), companies (including LLCs), institutions, and organizations that provide an invoice.
Student Activities Meal Requisition
For use with events that require payment/reimbursement for refreshments, breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal expenses. Remember to attach an agenda, and a list of attendees with student, guest, or employee after their name. Meals are reminbursed at a per diam rate. In-State 7/1/13 $8.00 Breakfast $10.00 Lunch $20.00 Dinner Out-of-State 7/1/13 $10.00 Breakfast $15.00 Lunch $25.00 Dinner Link for meal and travel policies.
Type of Expense Code
Please write an expense code on your forms in the section under code. If multiple expense codes are on one receipt separate those expenses out on the paperwork. For example your total receipt is $100 but $50 is for supplies use code 3100 and on the next line $50 is for conference and workshop expenses use code 3780.
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