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Approved Off Campus Food Vendors
Food Vendors that are contracted with UW-Oshkosh and a few will accept the meal requisition as payment, the vendor will send receipt to Administrative Services, and Administrative Services will pay but only those listed on the form that state will accept meal requisition as payment. Otherwise, student or advisor pays and will be reimbursed on the direct payment request form.
Budget Examples and Budget Manager PowerPoint
Letter to Students - December 5, 2013
One Time Request Form
Reimbursement Forms
SAC Member application
Please complete if interested in becoming a member of SAC
Travel Forms
UW-Oshkosh Financial Services Forms
Forms and instructions on completing forms for meal requisitions, direct payment, and travel reimbursement. Please see Rae Ann in OSA or call 424-3202 with any questions on completing the forms.
Policy and Procedure Manual for Student Allocations
Student Allocation Committee follows the Student Allocations Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) during deliberations of student club/org budgets. This is a useful resource to utilize while preparing the club/org budget.
Student Allocation Committee Bylaws
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