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Our Mission...

The mission of the Student Allocations Committee is to provide students of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with useful services, activities, and other programs that benefit them in the best way possible, given the limited funds available.


Current Members

Allocations Committee Officers

Committee Chair: Nathan Koffke -non-voting member

Committee Controller: Joseph Erd -non-voting member

Committee Adviser: Jim Schlinsog -non-voting member


Allocations Committee Members

        Voting Student Members (6/6):





     Alternate Student Members (1/2):

     Voting Faculty (2/2) & Academic Staff (1/2) 
    1. Chris Edwards (faculty)
    2. Eric Brunsell (faculty)
    3. Matt Suwalski (Academic Staff)
    4. Chris Stratton (Academic Staff)

    5.  Nathan Krueger (faculty)

Interested In Joining?

If you are a student interested in serving on the committee, please contact the committee chair at If there are openings on the committee you will go through an approval process and be invited to attend the committee meetings. As a new member of the committee you will most likely start as an alternate -- in this position you have voting rights if one of the student committee members is absent. There are up to three alternate seats on the committee. As voting committee members graduate or end their commitment to the committee, the alternate committee members move up to voting member status.

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