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Plan 2008 Goals

  • Increase the number of high school graduates of color who apply, are accepted, and enroll at UW System institutions.

  • Encourage partnerships that build the educational pipeline by reaching children and their parents at an earlier age.

  • Close the gap in educational achievement, by bringing retention and graduation rates for students of color in line with those of the student body as a whole.

  • Increase the amount of financial aid available to needy students and reduce their reliance on loans.

  • Increase the number of faculty, academic staff, classified staff and administrators of color, so that they are repre-sented in the UW System workforce in proportion to their current availability in relevant job pools. In addition, work to increase their future availability as potential employees.

  • Foster institutional environments and course development that enhance learning and a respect for racial and ethnic diversity.

  • Improve accountability of the UW System and its institutions.

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