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Diversity PosterNormal is a setting on a washing machine: Embrace Diversity!The work of the UW Oshkosh 2008 Diversity Council is underway. Its specific charge is to identify UW Oshkosh institutional needs and priorities in relation to the UW System Plan 2008: Education Quality Through Racial/Ethnic Diversity. Plan 2008 is the new UW System diversity initiative that builds upon and continues the 1988 Design for Diversity. It outlines seven goals that focus on hiring, precollege recruitment, retention and graduation of African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, and Asian American faculty, staff, and students. All UW System campuses are now asked to develop implementation strategies to address at the institutional level the Plan 2008 goals.

The UW System Plan 2008 emphasizes racial diversity. It targets African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American (with emphasis on Southeast Asian), and American Indian faculty, staff and economically disadvantaged students. According to the UW System Office of Multicultural Affairs, “The Plan 2008 planning concepts recognize the need to provide educational experiences that respect, cultivate and build upon the diversity that both genders, the differently-abled, and all religion, nationalities and sexual orientations bring to the university. However, the consensus when developing the plan was that Plan 2008 should remain race focused. . . . Nevertheless, campuses are encouraged to go beyond Plan 2008 and develop separate or parallel plans for LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] issues or other issues that are important to the campus.”

Great AchievementsThe UW Oshkosh 2008 Diversity Council will carry out its primary charge to respond to the seven goals of the Plan 2008, but also recognizes that diversity at UW Oshkosh encompasses a broader array of issues than those addressed in the Plan 2008. In the upcoming weeks months, the 2008 Diversity Council will invite the involvement and input of the campus community. Updates of the Council’s work will be communicated through electronic postings and print media. We invite each of you to become involved in the work of the Council, to communicate directly with any of the Council members, to read the full Plan 2008, and to stay abreast of our campus Council’s work. The long range value of this planning effort depends in large part on the quality and quantity of campus involvement and dialogue as we identify campus strengths, needs and priorities. The complete text of Plan 2008 is available in the Chancellor’s Office.

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